HERstory: Reflecting on 35 years of service

HERstory: A retrospective on DAWN's feminist disability activism

HERstory: A retrospective on DAWN Canada’s feminist disability activism

In 1985, seventeen women from across Canada met to discuss disability rights issues from women's perspectives. From that meeting, DAWN Canada was founded. In the 35 years that followed, DAWN Canada engaged in activist work that later became the foundation for our four-pillar approach: research, education, policy, and advocacy. To mark our 35th year in service and in hope, we are highlighting six moments in DAWN Canada’s history including publications from our archives, landmark Supreme Court cases in which we participated, and other pieces of our story. We are also interviewing six women connected to DAWN Canada's history and sharing their stories and reflections.

1995 - DAWN's First Supreme Court Case

Interview with Kathy Hawkins

1999 - DAWNing, How to Start and Maintain a Group

Judi Johnny, a woman on wings