Youth The Future




Youth the Future (YTF) is a client-centered program serving young people with disabilities, ages 15 – 30. This program seeks to enhance the self-awareness, independence and employment-related skills of its participants, so that they can secure meaningful employment or return to school. DAWN is partnering with YTF to support specifically young women and girls with disabilities.

Over a three-year period, and in four locations, 288 youth with disabilities will develop the life and job skills necessary to transition into the labour market or return to school. Each group of participants completes 8 weeks of paid classroom-like training for 30 hours a week, followed by 16 weeks of real-world work experience.

The program, led by the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work (CCRW), works closely with a partner organization in each of the four cities served. DAWN Canada is delighted to support the Montreal, QC site which will have a special focus on young women and girls with disabilities.

Youth the Future is funded by Employment, Skills & Development Canada.


For more information, please contact Nelly Bassily: or 514-396-0009 ext. 2507