Girls without Barriers



Girls without Barriers seeks to identify and address gaps in research regarding the needs of girls with disabilities as well as to increase the participation of girls with disabilities and Deaf girls in girl-serving programs.

Funded by the Canadian Women's Foundation, the initiative also aims to change the culture within girl-serving organizations by fostering careful, diligent and thorough inclusion of the needs of girls with disabilities and Deaf girls. Girls with disabilities and Deaf girls not only benefit from improved accessibility of programs but also get opportunities to develop their confidence and leadership as they witness their ideas and opinions transform into concrete actions.

As part of this initiative, DAWN Canada partnered with Rock Camp for Girls and Gender Nonconforming Youth to create a one-week musical camp for girls and gender non-confirming youth with and without disabilities.

Next steps include publishing research on girls with disabilities, workshops on ableism for girls with disabilities and non-disabled girls alike, workshops for program organizers, and the development of online resources.


For more information, please contact Nelly Bassily: or 514-396-0009 ext. 2507


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