Do the Rights Thing



Do the Rights Thing is a project focused on developing and implementing a system-level response to address systemic barriers to services and employment faced by women with disabilities and Deaf women. Working closely with employers, human rights organizations, women with disabilities/Deaf women, and other stakeholders, this project will create practical tools, educational material, and public awareness campaigns on the human rights obligations of employers and service providers. This project will also provide information on the social and economic benefits of equitable hiring and inclusive service provision.

Do the Rights Thing seeks to centre the diverse experience of women with disabilities and Deaf women by providing them with leadership roles throughout the project, and by incorporating their first-person accounts in the public awareness campaign and educational material mentioned above.

The DisAbled Women's Network (DAWN) Canada, along with our key partner Canadian Council for Rehabilitation and Work (CCRW), will fulfill this project over the next three years, culminating in a national human rights forum on implementing systemic solutions in late 2019.

For more information, please contact Karine Myrgianie Jean-François: or 514-396-0009 Ext. 2506