Girls without Barriers



Girls Without Barriers is a joint initiative between DAWN Canada and Girls Action Foundation to respond to the realities of girls with disabilities and Deaf girls in Canada. This initiative seeks to systematically increase the accessibility of close to 300 girls-serving programs in Canada by developing outreach, curricula, and peer support models for girls ages 9 - 13. These changes will be informed by community-defined needs, giving girls with disabilities and Deaf girls not only the benefit of improved accessibility of the programs but also opportunities to develop their confidence and leadership as they witness their ideas and opinions transform into concrete actions.

This four-year initiative is currently underway with next steps including workshops for girls with disabilities and non-disabled girls alike, workshops for program organizers, the development of cross-media online resources, and much more.

Girls Without Barriers  is funded by the Canadian Women’s Foundation and aims to shift the cultures of girls-serving organizations to truly include girls with disabilities and Deaf girls.


For more information, please contact Nelly Bassily: or 514-396-0009 ext. 2507


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