June 3, 2013

Suzanka: a film by Kuen Tang

Video description: This video is a short film by Kuen Tang about her experience as a woman with a disability and as a domestic violence survivor. “My name is Kuen and I’m a survivor of a car accident 11 years ago which left me a quadriplegic and again 3 years ago became a survivor of domestic violence… I survived this ordeal but came out shattered. In-order to heal myself, I wrote, directed and edited this short film called Suzanka, flower that blooms in the harsh condition of the winter. It’s a silent film that viewers are to feel the film, feel the emotion, feel the pain, the frustration and need to survive, instead of been told. I hope you will enjoy this and also help other women that struggles with violence.” For more information about Kuen you can visit www.kuentang.com.Open in new window.