Sept. 11, 2013

New Report on Arthritis in the Workplace

Arthritis Awareness Month logo

In light of September being Arthritis Awarness Month, the Arthritis Society has released a new report on arthritis and its impact in the workplace:

The Arthritis Society has contributed to a new report on the impact of arthritis in the workplace, and the steps that can be taken to help reduce the burden it places on Canada’s economy.

Arthritis doesn’t discriminate. With more than 100 different forms of the disease, it targets the young and the old, plus everyone in between. In fact, 60% of those with arthritis are of prime working age, and two-thirds of those afflicted are women.

The reality is that Canadians with arthritis want to work. They want to contribute to society. They want to live a full life, which includes a job they enjoy at a workplace where they feel productive. Collaborating to tackle the issues surrounding arthritis now will mean prospects that are a whole lot brighter for people living with the disease in the years to come.

Read the full report here. Open in new window.