Oct. 31, 2016

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2016


As Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2016 comes to an end, have we reached our goal of preventing Breast cancer?

According to the Canadian Breast Cancer Network (CBCN), in 2014, each day, an average of 67 Canadian women receive a breast cancer diagnosis.

For women with disabilities and Deaf women (WWD/DW), the reality is starker. They have higher rates of cancer, yet are less likely to be screened. In fact, they face physical and attitudinal barriers that prevent them from accessing breast cancer screening.

More details of these barriers can be found in our infographic on Cancer and Disability.

Our learning brief is full of concrete examples of what’s working and what can be done to increase access to health care services and improve on the low screening and higher morbidity rates we find still in women with disabilities and Deaf women.

Our PSA encourages people with disabilities and Deaf persons to get screened. It is broadcast in RADIO CANADA Network and AMI TV.


We have also produced other resources on breast cancer and disability:

-      Bonnie Brayton’s blog, “Not everyone is in the Pink: On collective responsibility for Breast Cancer Awareness” highlights barriers that women with disabilities and Deaf women face.

-      A blog “l’équité pour atteindre l’égalité, c’est une responsabilité collective !” by Ms Selma Kouidri, our Inclusion Coordinator for Quebec highlights the challenges still faced by women with disabilities and Deaf women. (in French only)

-      On interview with Dr. Lucie Kocum “Breast Cancer and Return to work” highlights the challenges faced by breast cancer survivors, in particular women with disabilities, when they return to work. (in English only).

-      The findings of ourEnvironmental Scan on Women with Disabilities and Breast Cancer Screening:  Identified Problems, Strategies and Recommended Next Steps conducted in 2013 for Canadian Breast Cancer Network continues to be as relevant as ever.


 The Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2016 has come to an end but the fight for accessible breast cancer screening for women with disabilities and Deaf women continues.


Hanane Khales

Communications Coordinator – DAWN Canada