Feb. 5, 2013

IN FOCUS: In community

Join with us as we work towards making Steinbach and area a welcoming place, an accessible place, and a safe place for all.

Linda Peters
Executive Director, Steinbach Chamber of Commerce
InFocus Lead Partner Organization
Steinbach, Manitoba

Linda Peter’ s call out to her community to make it a safer and healthier place for people with disabilities and Deaf people is something we are currently witnessing throughout Canada. Our pan-Canadian initiative InFocus: Bringing People with Disabilities and Deaf People into the Picture – is doing just that, i.e. putting inclusion for people with disabilities and Deaf people on the agenda of communities across this country!

The InFocus initiative is in the process of completing health workshops that are being delivered in many local communities to healthcare providers and women and men with disabilities and Deaf people. Many who have never had the opportunity to speak and work together before, are now having formal discussions, they are attending planning meetings together, sharing tools and many are implementing immediate actions all towards improving the lives of diverse populations of people with disabilities that live in their communities.

It’s an exciting time as the momentum builds, new partners sign up and concrete changes begin to unfold. Community leaders like Linda Peters in Steinbach understand that along with the economic benefits that Community Inclusion projects like InFocus bring to her community and all its citizens, that ‘you can better yourself by making life better for someone else’.

Doris Rajan
National Project Director