March 7, 2024

Share Your Insights about your Experiences Accessing Supports and Resources!

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Do you identify as a woman or gender-diverse person with a disability residing in Canada?
Your unique experiences matter, and we want to hear your story. 

What's Involved:

We invite you to participate in a one-hour confidential interview with a compassionate and experienced member of the research team at DisAbled Women’s Network of Canada. Our priority is to make it easy, accessible, and convenient for you to participate, if you choose to. The interview will be conducted in March 2024. 

Who can participate? 

  • You identify as a woman or non-binary person 
  • You live in Nova Scotia, Québec, Ontario, Manitoba, or British Columbia 
  • You live with a disability, for example, chronic pain, lupus, depression, anxiety, sickle cell disease, cerebral palsy, visual impairment, D/deaf, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis, Cystic Fibrosis, etc.  

What We Offer 

  • A safe and accommodating virtual space for conversation. 
  • A one-hour interview tailored to your comfort and pace. 
  • An honorarium of $100 as a sign of appreciation for your time and insights. 

How to Participate 

Click on the link provided to let us know the accommodations that you need, to complete a brief demographics survey and select a convenient interview time.  

Our research team will then reach out to you to coordinate a suitable time for the interview and discuss any necessary accommodations. 

What We Seek to Learn 

We're interested in learning about your experiences seeking and receiving supports for the things that you need to live well. This includes access to social assistance, food security, housing, social isolation, mental health, addictions, and gender-based violence. This study also includes knowledge mobilization, with explicit consent recordings may be taken for public use anonymously.  

Your Privacy Matters 

  • Your participation is entirely confidential outside of the DAWN staff team. 
  • You have control over what you choose to share; the interview questions are open-ended, and you are not obligated to discuss anything you are not comfortable with. 

Your voice is a crucial contribution to our research, helping us better understand and advocate for the needs of survivors in similar situations. Together, let's empower change! 

Share your voice! 

Your journey matters, and we're here to listen. Sign up to participate.  


For any inquiries, please contact: 

Nashwa Lina Khan, Research Associate at (for English)

Valérie Grand'Maison, Director of Research and Senior Research Associate at (for French)


Thank you for considering being a part of this important initiative!