Aug. 30, 2013

Violence Against Women in Canada Factsheet

Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women

One of our national partners, the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women, will soon be publishing a comprehensive fact sheet on violence against women:

In spite of decades of research, education, and activism, violence against women persists across Canada and around the world. As one part of the ongoing struggle to end this violence, CRIAW is in the final stages of publishing a new fact sheet that defines violence against women, outlines its nature and causes, provides prevention strategies, and directs readers to key resources. It is currently the only publicly available Canadian material containing national data on specific aspects of violence against women from an intersectional perspective. Educators, unions, women’s organizations, social justice and faith-based groups, and concerned citizens can use the broad range of research that CRIAW has condensed and delivered in the fact sheet’s simplified format to reinforce existing knowledge about violence against women and improve strategies to end it. The factsheet is set to launch on Monday, September 16th. Watch for news of its release at Open in new window. and on in new window.