April 24, 2018

For the attendees of Addressing Gender-Based Violence Conference



Please find below useful resources for your consideration:

  • Video: In this 4 minute video DAWN Canada's National Executive Director Bonnie Brayton and BC Provincial  Project Coordinator Jewelles Smith launch DAWN Canada's "More Than a Footnote" campaign which calls on political leaders and policy makers to commit to responding to violence against women with disabilities and Deaf women.
  • Violent victimization of women with disabilities: This report released on March 15, 2018 by the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, on the violent victimization of women with disabilities reveals that on every front, women with disabilities experience higher levels of violence and victimization.
  • Violent victimization of women with disabilities: Media coverage
  • More than a footnote call to action: DAWN Canada calls on gender studies and feminist researchers to ensure that they use an inclusive and intersectional approach that centralizes the experiences of women with disabilities and Deaf women in their VAW research. Read more here.
  • Background on our More Than A Footnote Campaign