Dec. 7, 2022

Dr. Laverne Jacobs Hummingbird Award 2022 Recipient

At the More Than a Footnote Policy Forum on December 1, 2022, DAWN Canada presented Dr. Laverne Jacobs with the Hummingbird Award for 2022.

Laverne Jacobs is a full Professor at the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law and a former Associate Dean (Research & Graduate Studies). She teaches, researches and writes in the areas of disability rights law, administrative law, human rights law and administrative justice. Dr. Jacobs founded and directs The Law, Disability & Social Change Project.

Dr. Jacob’s work has great significance for Black women and girls living with a disability, and we applaud her for advancing the rights of women, girls and gender-diverse people with disabilities.

About the Hummingbird Award
Launched in 2020, the Hummingbird Award honours major contributions to the advancement of women and girls with disabilities and inspires sustained effort to this cause. Recipients are recognized for their major contributions in advancing the rights and improving the lives of disabled and/or Deaf women, girls, and gender minorities.  

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