June 3, 2022

Reflections on environmental justice: A peak at disability and environmental justice through the artists' lens

Kezna Dalz

Kezna Dalz / Teenadultt is a multidisciplinary artist from Montreal. We recognize her work by the raw features and bright colors. The recurring themes addressed are feminism, the fight against racism, popular culture as well as the relationship to sexuality. She sometimes tackles difficult subjects, making them accessible through a pastel and soft universe with naive features.

Kezna Dalz


Why did you select these particular works to share with folks for NAAW?

I selected these three paintings to share for NAAW because they represent human bodies that are in movement, fluid, diverse and free. Body representation is an important aspect of my work as I aim to show bodies that are not represented enough in mainstream media. These paintings are a celebration of all bodies and their uniqueness.


How does your art reflect disability and environmental justice? Are these two things connected for you?

I believe my art reflects disability and environmental justice because of the themes that are addressed. One of the major recurring themes in my work are mental health issues and awareness. With a touch of humor and naivety, I sometimes question the state of the earth and our emotional responses to it with my art. I believe that in 2022, these two things are definitely connected because of the impact a pandemic / other world problems can have on people with disabilities.


How do race, gender, disability and the environment intersect in your work? Why?

They intersect in my work because of what I choose to depict and who I am. I am a black queer woman with a disability who aims to offer as much representation as possible in my work and whose capacity to work is in direct link to the environment. Most of what I create is based off personal experiences, values but also the emotions that are felt facing situations that are going on in the world.


Black characters are dancing and laying on a field filled with flowers, plants and happy animals. There is a rabbit and two cows and it is sunny and colourful. Shades of pink and blue in the sky with big white clouds.


Two black characters faces and a close up of black holding hands. There is another hand in the back that is holding a heart shaped sign that reads “On Compte” meaning, “We Matter”. There are orange, blue and white flowers on the image.


Two black characters faces are on the image. One of them has their eyes opened and one has their eyes closed. Both have one tear running down their cheek. The text on the image says “Black Mental Health Matters”. There are orange flowers on the image.


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