March 8, 2024

International Women's Day 2024: "Too many women still left behind" - Bonnie Brayton for iPolitics

Graphic of women living with disability along with a quote from Bonnie Brayton, CEO of DAWN Canada: "This International Women’s Day let’s celebrate all women and take care of the 30 per cent currently left behind. Fund the Canada Disability Benefit and support the leadership of women with disabilities, today and every day!"

This International Women’s Day, let’s ensure ALL women are celebrated and supported! 

"According to the latest figures from Statistics Canada, 30 per cent of women across this country live with a disability. Moreover, rates for Black, Indigenous, and 2SLGBTQ+ women, as well as gender-diverse individuals with disabilities, rise even higher—easily reaching 35 per cent — as intersecting forms of oppression and discrimination increase rates of disability. [...] Women with disabilities need support now and they need a Canada Disability Benefit that recognizes the intersecting risk factors including the systemic barriers they will face to access the benefit and the risks of GBV including financial abuse that comes with the benefit."

It's time for action! Fund the Canada Disability Benefit and support women with disabilities.

Dive into the Op-Ed on iPolitics by DAWN Canada’s CEO, Bonnie Brayton for more insight: