Dec. 27, 2021

Award winning Humming bird logo

Congratulations – Our beautiful Hummingbird has gone global – a sign of hope for 2022!

As we prepare to close our offices/home offices*for a welcome and much needed holiday to be with family and friends, the OMICRON variant of COVID19 has made us all pause and yes, despair just a little bit more because this pandemic seems now to be rooted with us for awhile. 

But today, we also have an occasion to be hopeful.  We were delighted to learn that our friends at Design de Plume have garnered an International Award for BEST LOGO REDESIGN with the DAWN Canada logo.  We fell in love with their design, our Hummingbird and we’ve enjoyed sharing her/them with you in hundreds of different ways. 

We have also honoured others with the Hummingbird Award, which we have bestowed thoughtfully over this year to leaders who are committed to the human rights, the leadership and the full inclusion of women, girls and non binary people who live with a disability or are Deaf.

At DAWN Canada we are always looking for signs of hope but now we are being more deliberate and choosing messengers of hope, to work with us, to ROOT RESILIENCE, to ROOT CHANGE and to ROOT JUSTICE.

We look to this year ahead clear-eyed but hopeful because the messages of solidarity that began when we lost George Floyd have rooted our collective resilience over the course of this pandemic.  For those of us who have the privilege and opportunity to mobilize the power that comes from our collective resilience, it is up to us to root change.

Thank you to all our staff, to our Board, to all our many friends and partners.  Please stay safe. 

Thank you for sharing our message of hope – ROOT RESILIENCE, ROOT CHANGE, ROOT JUSTICE