Preventing More Histories of Violence

In 1993, Statistics Canada reported that one in two women will experience physical or sexual violence. In 2006, they reported that young people, especially girls, are at highest risk of sexual assault. But is this inevitable? Violence begets violence, but we don't have to simply accept it as our future. When people come together with a common violence prevention goal, we can help change the course of history and stop violence against women and youth before it happens. "Preventing More Histories of Violence" is our chance to help turn the tide of violence against women and youth. Join us at the City of Toronto Archives as we reflect on our past and envision a violence-free future in celebration of the 2013 May Be Me Campaign. Enjoy great food and entertainment and show off your "purple looks". Plus, receive a purple makeover courtesy of Arbonne International and have your picture taken at our professional photo booths.