Disability Rights Opposition to Medical Killing Strategy and Planning Meeting

For more than 20 years, the Council of Canadians with Disabilities has worked to oppose the legalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia in Canada.  Today, the disability rights-based opposition to life-ending practices faces major challenges; a new bill in parliament and a new law in Québec, two major court cases and strong media bias in favour of medical killing.  How will we respond? The Strategy and Planning Meeting will describe where we came from, what worked and what didn?t, and where we?re going to; from its beginning in the U.S. to how social media can make our message heard.  A panel of experts will talk about the Canadian movement thus far, then interactive workshops will allow participants to brainstorm future strategies. Speakers include: Diane Coleman (NDY/US) ? Kevin Fitzpatrick (NDY-UK / EPC International) ? Catherine Frazee (Nova Scotia) ? Amy Hasbrouck (TVNDY, Montreal) ? Norman Kunc (Vancouver) ? Vangelis Nikias (Ottawa) ? Dean Richert (Winnipeg) ? Hugh Scher (Toronto) ? Nic Steenhout (Vivre dans la dignité, Montreal). Participants are welcome and encouraged to attend the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Conference on Saturday, October 4.  Registration is free to persons with disabilities.  Donations from all others are gratefully accepted. For information or to register, please contact: info@tv-ndy.ca or info@epcc.ca.