Daffodil Day

As part of the annual Daffodil Month activities, the Canadian Cancer Society has designated April 27, 2013 as Daffodil Day. This is a special day when Canadians can show their support for those living with cancer and to remember those who have died. On this important day we encourage Canadians to do something special for those living with cancer or to contribute in some way to the fight against this disease. For example:
  • Tell a loved one or friend with cancer that you are thinking of them; let them know about the Society?s information and support programs.
  • Do something special for someone you know with cancer (for example, make a meal, do an errand, babysit).
  •  Talk with your provincial or local politicians about the importance of fighting back against cancer and tell them how they can join the Society in this fight.
Visit fightback.ca [nw] for additional information about Daffodil Month and Daffodil Day activities in communities throughout Ontario.