"Built environments and accessibility of persons with disabilities" seminar

The theme of this week's seminar is Work and Economic Security. Our resources persons for the week will be Carole Foisy, Chef d'équipe au Comité d?adaptation de la main-d??uvre [CAMO]), and Anne-Marie Laflamme, Professor of Law at Laval University and author of the book Le droit à la protection de la santé mentale au travail. The session will be moderated  by Colleen Sheppard, Professor of Law at McGill, Director of the Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism)

 A light lunch will be provided. Space is limited, so please RSVP at human.rights@mcgill.ca

This event has been approved for 1.5 hrs of CLE credits.   Event description: Barriers faced by people with disabilities seeking to enter the job market are numerous: physically inaccessible workplaces, employers' prejudices, lack of experience or education due to a vicious cycle of inaccessible educational institutions and workplaces, etc. These barriers affect economic security: the poverty rate of people with disabilities in Canada is 14.4%, compared to a rate of 9.7% for people without disabilities. Article 27 of the CRPD acknowledges the ?the right of persons with disabilities to work, on an equal basis with others; this includes the right to the opportunity to gain a living by work freely chosen or accepted in a labour market and work environment that is open, inclusive and accessible to persons with disabilities.? Recognizing that engagement in meaningful work is a basic human need, how can employment and other non-remunerated occupations enhance the quality of life of persons with disabilities? Furthermore, how can the economic security of people with disabilities be secured? The session will draw on the insights of individuals and organizations with first-hand experience in contributing to the economic security of persons with disabilities. Best practices will be discussed.